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Manufactured in France from 1946 until 1954.
Index of rarity in France : Rare (among non-specialized garage sales)
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Inventory number: 1982

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Gaumont Spido-Pliant

Traduction de Manuel M

According to its characteristics and its serial number (n° 9176), this camera was produced at the beginning of the years 1950, the production stopping with the n° 9200 in 1954.  The maxi-sheet n°22 of the club Niepce Lumière dedicated to Spidos Gaumont, precise that this camera is of the type 14 reportage 1936 “AFTER WAR”. Among this last series, the last 200 cameras were ordered for the National Marine and the Air Ministry.
With its mention “Air”, this camera belongs to this curious ordering of the army of the Fifties for this model which shows at the time almost a half-century of existence. At the same time, the soldiers as even requested OPL and its Foca as well as SEM for its Semflex.

After the second world war, the assembly of this view camera to the format 9 x 12 was made by the KINORA company on behalf of Gaumont which had manufactured it before of 1900 to approximately 1930. This specimen has undergoes a modification to associate an item to him of wood which was used to increase the extension between the plane of the film and the lens. All contributes to think that this camera was modified to make takes of view to the ratio one on a reproduction stand. Of course in this configuration the viewfinder is not of any utility.

Gaumont Spido-Pliant