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Ricoh 126-C EE
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Manufactured or assembled in Taïwan from (Circa) 1966 to (Circa) 1969.
Index of rarity in France: Rare (among non-specialized garage sales)
Inventory number: 2021

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Traduction de Manuel M

Between 1966 and 1969, Ricoh was misled on several occasions in the use of cartridge 126.

In the line of the Ricoh 126 C, which all resemble more or less to the Hi-Color 35, there were this Ugly Duckling: 126-C EE.
One is very far from the usual standards of quality of the brand; the plastic is omnipresent and not very flattering, and the few facings out of aluminium snap are not enough to give an impression of serious to the unit.

When one has the camera in hand, one feels well that all the weight is in the Rikenon lens, whose lenses are out of glass, it is already that! But the 40 mm (normal focal distance of the format 27 X 27 mm) opens only with f 4,8! It however is equipped with a selenium cell, which girdles the lens.

The focusing is fixed, except with the flash, where it is necessary adjust the distance on one of the four notches between 1m and 3m; that does not change the focusing (!), but varied the aperture of the “diaphragm” to have a subject correctly enlightened according to its distance. The flash is of standard “cubic flash”, supplied with a battery 15 V, which is in the sole of the camera, beside the threading of foot.
The shutter release is bored of a threading allowing the use of a cable release.

Ricoh 126-C EE