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Popular Photograph Co Nodark
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Photos by - text by Sylvain Halgand. From the collection of -. Last update 2014-04-17 par Francois Landais.

Manufactured or assembled in USA from (Circa) 1900 to (After) 1900.
Index of rarity in France: Rare (among non-specialized garage sales)
Inventory number: 2185

See the complete technical specifications
Chronology of cameras Popular Photograph Co 

Traduction de Manuel M

(Photo-Revue 1900) It is a camera with magazine, for positive direct on ferrotype plates, making it possible to execute and develop in three minutes a portrait, a group, a subject of style, etc
It is built in varnished walnut, with nickelled fittings; its total volume is indicated by the following measurements: 31 centimeters length; 9 centimeters wide; 11 centimeters height. It is provided with a rapid achromatic lens with revolving diaphragm, with a exposure counter and two viewfinders.
To operate, one places the camera on an unspecified piece of furniture, on a foot if one wants.

To make a portrait, the model must be placed at a distance of 2 meters at least, to obtain a big head.
After having centered the subject in the viewfinder, either in height, or in width, one presses on the button which is in front of the dial; during the time which the pose will last (which has varied for 2 seconds, according to weather is beautiful or dark).
One can operate instantaneously with the sun.
The vertical bowl is adjusted then with a special aperture made under the camera; the plate falls inside when one draws the slide by the nickelled handle which is below dial, the plate passed, one closes again the slide, and one removes the bowl.
While turning a small lever which is on the side of the bowl, one comes down a small cap inside, which must protect the plate against the daylight.
One fills the bowl of the solution number 1 to develop, the operation can be finished at the end of one minute, one transfer the liquid in a bottle and one replaces it by the solution number 2, which is transferred at the end of the same period of time.
One can realize if the plate is fixed enough, by raising it by means of an end of iron wire which exceeds the opening, if it were not enough, it would be enough to leave it a little more time.
Fixing being finished, it must remain a quite definite and clear print.
There is not any more but with well washing with ordinary water and as soon as it is dry, it is varnished and stable, one can then frame it in a passe-partout.

One can also, if one does not want to develop immediately , preserve the exposed plates, by storing them in the special box which we created for this use, and to then develop them with at will.

Price - Each camera is accompanied by a box. containing 26[plates, a metallic vertical bowl, 2 bottles for development ..... 60 francs.
Box-magazines, to preserve the not developed plates….4 francs
Vertical bowl of replacement….4 francs

Popular Photograph Co Nodark