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Roussel Rex Montis
France Version française
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Manufactured or assembled in France from (Before) 1900 to (After) 1902.
Index of rarity in France: Rare (among non-specialized garage sales)
Inventory number: 2187

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Traduction de Manuel M

This camera is very interesting from several points of view.
It is dedicated to the Club Alpin Français. One at that time finds many associations between the practice of the bicycle and photography. There, one finds one with the mountain-climbing.
The camera is completed by accessories which, effectively, are worthy of interest for the mountain-climbing, walker. The publicity reproduced below has the advantage of showing this complete panoply.

Here the presentation which is made in the Photo-Revue of April 1900:

This camera, dedicated by its manufacturer to the tourists and to the members] of the Club-Alpin, is mainly pointed out by the reduction of weight and volume which it has on the most compact models of the format corresponding (9 x12).
This advantage is produce by the removal of the chassis magazine to retraction. The rigid plates or films are placed in simple metal chassis of which the thickness does not exceed 3 millimeters. Nothing is thus easier- than to dissimulate the camera by placing the darkroom in a pocket and the chassis in the other.
The lens is an antispectroscopic Roussel allowing the instantaneous in any season; it is completed by a central shutter, models Unicum, at variable speeds and of a use so sure as easy.
The focusing is regulated ad infinitum: it can be corrected for the close-ups, either automatically, thanks to the use of graduated scales, or by means of a ground glass, provided with the camera.
Lastly, the lens can be eccentric in the two directions and this improvement is precious in a camera intended to operate in the varied ground excursions.
Secondary organs: viewfinder with double effect, levels, screens, etc, do not offer anything in particular; however we owe a special mention with two optional complements which is created especially for this camera and which gives faculty to do without foot, when the circumstances require (or allow) the pose. We want to speak about a dismountable metallic handle which is used to hold the camera with the hand, and which, when this protective cap is unscrewed, unmask a spade that one can stick in a tree, a barrier, a wall, etc
The steel grip is not less ingenious; the purpose of it is to hang the camera at any object which offers a light catch, alpenstok, back of a chair, edge of door, etc

Price Camera Rex Montis complete with ground glass and 12 simple metallic chassis, in two skin bags with clasp: 280 francs.
Metal handle dismountable: 6 fr
Steel grip: 10 fr
Additional chassis, each: 2 fr. 50

Roussel Rex Montis

Roussel Rex Montis