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Kodak Advantix C700
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Photos by JPHB text by JPH. From the collection of JPHB. Last update 2015-01-24 par Sylvain Halgand.

Manufactured or assembled in China from 2000 to 0.
Index of rarity in France: Infrequent (among non-specialized garage sales)
Inventory number: 2520

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The Advantix C700 is the production of a manufacturer who did not believed much in the success of the APS.

However, this model profit from numerous benefits provided by this format, the last one of the film cameras avatars:

Three shooting formats with a viewfinder which is modified according to the choice :

• C for a "Classic" picture, similar to 24 x 36
• H for 16/9 HD TV compatible format
• P, finally, for the "panoramic" 3 x 1 ratio
A built-in electronic flash, off-center allows to  reduce the red-eye effects, controls the resetting of memorization and turn off the power supply when it is folded.
Finally, unlike many APS cameras, the C700 allows for the rewinding of the film being shot and its later winding to the next following view. It also allows to print the date and hour at the  back of the photo as well as a message chosen in a preset menu.

Kodak Advantix C700