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Polaroid Image Pro
France Version française
Photos by BL text by Sylvain Halgand. From the collection of BL. Last update 2020-03-28 par Eric Borel.

Manufactured or assembled in United Kingdom from 1990 to (After) 1992.
Index of rarity in France: Infrequent (among non-specialized garage sales)
Inventory number: 2798

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Chronology of cameras Polaroid 

Traduction de Manuel M

In 1986, Polaroïd had launched the “System Image” whose a certain number of  cameras, like the Image Elite, is presented on the website.

In 1990, Polaroïd started again the concept by improving it, and not that a little, at the point to have achieved a summit for this kind of cameras. The general aspect remains the same one and the film is always the magazine Polaroïd Image film, of 10 rectangular views 92 x 79 mm. The magazine contains a Polapulse battery of 6 volts. The sensitivity of film is of 600 Iso.

At the back a screen with liquid crystals replaces the many buttons of other versions. There remains only five buttons. A button “mode” makes it possible to choose a function, two keys “Up” and “Down” make it possible to activate or de activate the function. A button starts the self timer. Another toggles the camera to “any automatic”.

The lens is an hybrid plastic/glass. It consists of a front group comprising three lenses out of anti-reflecting treated glass. The rear item, called “Quintic”, is very complete. It is mobile and has a bean shape. It is out of plastic. At the time of focusing, it is this rear group which moves. The focusing is done by 10 stages.

The focusing is autofocus. It is insured by an ultrasounds system. This system exists since the Sx-70 One Step of 1978. What is new on the Image Pro (and thus different from what occurs on the System Image former) is that a calculator called Bias Focus shifts backwards the focusing compared to what the sonar returned to it. That makes it possible to better use the depth of field. During the press on the shutter release, and as long as this one is not slackens, the distance of focusing is memorized and displayed in the viewfinder.

It is possible to manually adjust the focusing (hey yes!) by using the key function and the buttons “Up” and “Down”.

The exposure is controlled by two silicon cells. They manage very well the mixing of the natural light and the flash. Fortunately, since the flash is systematically used by default. It is possible to stop it with the function key. It is possible to adjust the exposure manually. The exposure time can go up to 120 seconds per support by pressing on the shutter release. It is also possible to program the exposure time (within the 120 seconds limit).

It is possible to over or under-expose at will and to even to practise the voluntary overprinting (up to 5 images). An intervalometer makes it possible to take a serie of photographs spaced by a time period from 3 to 20 seconds.

Polaroid Image Pro