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Kodak Tele-Ektralite 600
France Version française
Photos by Sylvain Halgand text by Sylvain Halgand. From the collection of Sylvain Halgand. Last update 2013-01-26 par Michel Rochevalier.

Manufactured or assembled in USA from 1980 to 1982.
Index of rarity in France: Very usual (among non-specialized garage sales)
Inventory number: 686

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Traduction de Sylvain Halgand

This 110 although it has the form of Ektra made in Europe, was manufactured in the USA, from 1980 (announced in France into 11/80) to 1982. Its lens is Reomar 22 mm F/8. A cursor makes it possible to add to it an optical complement which carries its focal distance to 44mm. In position “telephoto”, the cursor has intermediate positions corresponding to a Focusing “by jolts”. A scale with five values appears in the finder when the cursor is in this position. These five values are represented by small pictograms, energy of landscape to portrait.
The button of the shutter release is particular, since it forms a basin at the bottom of which a second button is. While supporting gently on this one, a diode light in the finder. If it is green, it is that the photograph is possible without recourse to the flash. If it is red, that indicates that the light is insufficient, and at the end of three seconds of pressure maintains on this button, the flash is activated automatically and the diode passes to the green. The flash has the number-guide of 14 (100 asa), therefore more powerful than on the other cameras ektralite (NG10).

The finder is collimated (brilliant lines).

Kodak Tele-Ektralite 600