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Manufactured in Japon from 1966 until 0.
Index of rarity in France : Rare (among non-specialized garage sales)
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Inventory number: 10308

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Yashica TL-Super

Traduction de Manuel M

The measurement of the exposure is TTL with full aperture by means of two Cds cells placed behind the prism. After selection of a speed to the knob located on the top, that of the aperture will be ensured by rotation of the ring of the diaphragms located around the lens. The adjustment will be correct with obtaining the coincidence of a moving needle and a reference mark inside the viewfinder (semi-automatic).

The cocking and the advance of film are ensured by a lever on the top.

The setting of the cell is done by pressing the button on the side of the lens.

Yashica TL-Super

Yashica TL-Super

Yashica TL-Super