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Photos by AG text by AG. From the collection of AG
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Manufactured in Japon from 1974 until 0.
Index of rarity in France : Rare (among non-specialized garage sales)
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Inventory number: 12431

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Kowa Super 66

Traduction de Christian Surle

Super 66 is for Kowa the ultimate version of its 6 x 6 central shutter lenses, after Six and Six II 66 models. Its main innovation is removable back; a simplified version of Super 66 model, the identical Six MM, will enlarge the range. Film transport and winding are made simultaneously by the side crank-knob; a device allows super-impression. The release knob, on the front of the body, features a safe-locking lever. Mirror rising before shooting cannot be achieved, and yet it is possible on the simpler Six MM.
The standard magnified chest viewer can be replaced by some prism finders (horizontal, 45°, with or without an exposure meter), a precision viewing hood (4 cells), or by a multi-frame sports finder. Many interchangeable screens (standard, squared, telemetric, micro-prism) are complementing a very efficient and pleasant-to-use finding system.
A wide well-conceived range of ten central shutter lenses, going from the 19mm f: 4.5 fish-eye (180°, 2.18 kg) to the f: 8 500mm tele-lens (1.96 kg, 32cm long, 95mm filter diameter), including the excellent standard f: 2/85mm lens seen on the photos, allow this body a wide use, above all if you add a macro extension (with front rocking and slipping), three coupling extension tubes, and additional lenses for six lenses (from 55 to 250mm).
Three backs are available: standard 6 x 6, 4.5 x 6, and Polaroid.
Both roll-films accept 120 and 220: you just have to pull the film-press inside out and to move the plate near the view counter, the very elaborated film-press is responsible for the resulting quality on the photos. The “L” shape, together with the emerging gears, gives a typical brand aspect. The film protecting store cannot be removed, but it retracts under the mirror when releasing; thus, a second store is not necessary on the body back, as on Hasselblad cameras (auxiliary shutter stores); this lack of extra stores and a complicated but very soft mirror rotation system allow a very soft releasing.
At that time, Kowa Super 66 was made to compete with Hasselblad 500 CM.
Its pleasant handling and its varied lenses and efficient accessories range give that Kowa an equivalent picture quality compared with its challenger.
Only some defects impeded it to reach its aim: no mirror rising before shooting, no B setting and unusable T setting (you must turn the speed ring to stop it !), and above all total blocking of the camera if you are winding and simultaneously acting the back unlocking knob, that is easily reachable on the side: then there is such a breakdown that you need to have it repaired (dismantling and partial body tuning) !.     

Kowa Super 66

Kowa Super 66