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Schaeffner Fin de siecle
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Manufactured or assembled in France from (Before) 1898 to 0.
Index of rarity in France: Rare (among non-specialized garage sales)
Inventory number: 2076

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Chronology of cameras Schaeffner 

Traduction de Manuel M

Hey yes, even in 1898, the end of the next century is already an advertising argument.

According to the annuaire général de la photographie of 1898.
New model, very smart and very light, provided with a blind shutter (focal-plane).

It is a true masterpiece of photographic cabinet-making. The fittings are partly out of copper nickel zinc alloy and partly out of aluminium. This last was used only it where the good solidity did not have to suffer from the lightness of this metal. The shape of the fittings was scrupulously selected so that no button or no screw makes bulge unnecessarily. A circular platform for the head of the foot is embedded in the base of the view camera and makes it possible to make revolve this one in all the directions. By a simple movement of lever, one fixes it arrived in the desired position.
This view camera is provided with an blind form shutter placed immediately in front of the plate, only one key turn cocks this shutter, of which speed can be take to 1/200° of second approximately.
Each camera is provided with a system of separation for stereoscopic views and with a small plank on which the distance from the lenses can be varied according to whether the subjects to be photographed are more or less distant, which is very important.

The three double chassis opening with half-curtain are provided with a system which make a second exposure of the same plate impossible.

In the price of the camera is include that of the shutter whose value reaches 60 fr.
13 x 18 centimetres – Extension: 45 centimetres.

Price feet include                                         330 francs
Very elegant bag  and of great perfection 35 >>
                                                                         365 francs

This camera is made only for plates 13 x 18.

This view camera represents what is done best in view cameras of voyage, and I guarantee the work like irreproachable absolutely of it. Carried by many explorers and used under very difficult conditions, these cameras always come out victorious of these tests. Like view camera of voyage, this model is certainly the most perfect, and I then only to highly recommend it to whoever am in search of an excellent camera

Schaeffner Fin de siecle

Schaeffner Fin de siecle