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Chronology of the Ouyama - New Taiwan Photographic Corporation brand  New window

Manufactured in Chine from Circa 1990 until 0.
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Inventory number: 7270

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Ouyama - New Taiwan Photographic Corporation Nikaiyo

This is also referred to as the Nikaiyo QP8000. "FMD" stands for "Full Motor Drive" , meaning that it has electric winding and re winding. The design is probably evolved from the Meikai AW4366 (2), and it has identical specifications.

The name "Nikaiyo Photo Optics / Photo Optic Power Drive Systems"  is screen printed on the back, and the label on the top indicates that it passed the quality control of the same mysterious company.

It was made by Ouyama/NTPC probably for other companies to sell by mail order. It is impressive in appearance (if not in performance), and there are still people today in charity shops and on the internet who value it as a precision instrument.

It was often sold as a kit in a rigid case with foam inserts, tripod, flash, lens cap, lens hood, soft case, carry strap and instructions. The same camera was also sold as the Canomatic FMD, Matashi FMD, Mintax PB-127, Tamashi FMD, Yunon Royal 1 etc....It was followed by the very similar "Nikai PDS System" camera.