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Yasuhara T981
France Version française
Photos by JM text by JM/JPG. From the collection of JM. Last update 2016-01-29 par Sylvain Halgand.

Manufactured or assembled in China from 1998 to (After) 1998.
Index of rarity in France: Rare (among non-specialized garage sales)
Inventory number: 11744

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Chronology of cameras Yasuhara 

Traduction de Manuel M

Caution!! rarity!

This camera, created by a Japanese and product as from 1998, is the last of the “Leica-like”, i.e. to have an interchangeable lens in 39 mm screwmount in the great tradition of Leica - to less the first and to be conceived like such.

If Leica I (A) is alpha of the universe of the telemetric camera, Yasuhara is undoubtedly the omega!

Of course, with three-quarter of century of distance, the things changed.

The T981 is a modern camera with a comfortable telemetric viewfinder (ratio 1/1: one aims with the two open eyes) and the measure of the integrated photographic exposure meter is reflected by diodes in the viewfinder. It is a modern camera, but the spirit remained the same.

  • Speeds from the second to the 1/2000 of second + B.
  • Centring with collimated frame and telemetric image of beautiful dimension.  
  • Selection of the sensitivity of film in the serrated roller of the speeds
  • Accessory shoe with central contact flash
  • Mechanical self-timer on the left front face
  • Shutter release with intern socket for cable release
  • Wide lever of advance of film and cocking of the shutter
  • The back entirely opens
  • Crank of rewinding on the left side of the hood
  • Housing of battery on the sole
  • Shutter with vertical focal plane, articulated metallic parts
  • Lens PHOENIX f2.8/50mm not numbered.   

The specimen that I make you discover is equipped with its lens of origin, developed tardily by the firm and which is rarely find itself on these cameras: the majority were sold “naked”.

The body, which bears the number 04322, is undoubtedly one of the last to have been manufactured.

Approximately 4000 specimens would have been produced.  
It is very rare today. Specimen manufactured all practically having been bought by collectors.  

An icon of telemetric photography…

Yasuhara T981

Yasuhara T981

Yasuhara T981