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Chronology of the Ouyama - New Taiwan Photographic Corporation brand  New window

Manufactured in Taïwan from Circa 1988 until after 1988.
Index of rarity in France : Peu courant (among non-specialized garage sales)
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Inventory number: 7112

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Ouyama - New Taiwan Photographic Corporation Okaido

 In 1987 Minolta launched its' '5000AF' and Kyocera its' 'Yashica 230AF'. Soon after, a new family of Taiwanese plastic imitations appeared. They were all made (or commissioned) by NTPC, and they all have a 6,3 lens with the 'series number' 198761.

They differ from all previous designs by having the four apertures under a plastic 'window' like the Minolta 5000AF.

There were three types, all sharing the same instruction sheet. 1. a Minolta 5000AF imitation (this one), 2. the same body with an electronic flash on top like the Yashica 230AF (Yoshita MF-A7000F, Fukai WR-2), and 3. the same body with a reflex viewfinder in place of the inbuilt flash.

There were several variations on each of these in following years, although the second type was soon abandoned in favour of the third type, sold with a huge electronic tilt head flash gun mounted on a separate bracket.

The 'Okaido' (sounds slightly Japanese?) is a large heavy camera, and probably has some ballast in it. The lens is almost certainly a plastic meniscus protected by a plastic screen. The diaphragm is square in shape and closes to the centre of the lens. It was sold with a vinyl case, carry strap, a small 'Okaido' branded electronic flash (GN16, metres ISO100), lens cap and a bayonet mounted lens hood.

This camera was also sold as the Akira 7000, Canon AW-4367, Franka JM-77, Meikai AR-4367, Meikai AW-4367, Naikei 1000X, SRZ Orion 500, Sharpvision, Tamashi 7000 etc.........A very similar camera was sold as the Rokinon 3000e.

(see also Yashiwa XR-90 and Henrycon A-8000S)

"Okaido" was a trademark of International Reports Publishing Inc of Hackensack New Jersey. The trademark was approved in December 1990, but its first use in commerce was given as February 1990. This camera does not have the "R" of a registered trademark.