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Canon Vt
France Version française
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Manufactured or assembled in Japan from 1956 to (After) 1956.
Index of rarity in France: Rare (among non-specialized garage sales)
Inventory number: 10532

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Chronology of cameras Canon 

Traduction de Manuel M

Canon VT was produced April 1956 to February 1957.
Produced specimens: 15,575
The first of “new Canon” and an optical new range. Impressing!

Compared to the IVSB2:

all is new, for the external elements of this body. The shutter and certain mecanic parts remain unchanged. The curtains of shutter become metal (steel).
First Canon model to have a viewfinder for 2 focal distances: The 35mm and the 50mm. A serrated roller makes it possible to choose the focal distance then, if necessary to use the magnifying glass of focusing. Very wide and superb new viewfinder. First Canon model to have origin a fast cocking by trigger under the sole. A cocking by button remains available. Position “on-off” of the shutter release. Witness of advance of film. Window of exposure counter.
Auto-correction of the parallax of the accessories used in the shoe.
Loading of film by opening of the back.
Indication of the model, engraved on the front face.

Principal characteristics:

Serial numbers: 500010 to 540000
Interchangeable lenses with the Leica standard screwing of 39mm and coupled with the rangefinder.
Rangefinder sight combined for 35 > full frame - 50mm > frame and magnifying glass of focusing.
Focal plane shutter of the IVSB2, allowing fast speeds, of the 1/30s to the 1/1000s + B + X at the 1/45 S, the slow speeds, of the 1s to the 1/30s + T and X (between the 1/15 S and the 1/30 S), by separated serrated roller, located on the front face of the body.
35mm for exposures 24x36mm
Socket flash synchronization on the side with bayonet, for flash “UNIT V”.
Loading by the back.
Fast cocking by trigger.
Standard lenses: Canon 50 mm F1.2 - F1.5 - F1.8 - F2.8 or 35 mm F 1.8 or 2.8

Picture one: VT - n°: 516581 presented with very rare Canon - f3.5-22 of 25mm + its viewfinder

Picture three: View of the trigger of cocking deployed.

Canon Vt
VT - n° : 516581 présenté avec le très rare Canon - f3.5-22 de 25mm + son viseur

Canon Vt

Canon Vt