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Manufactured in Japon from 1967 until 0.
Index of rarity in France : Rare (among non-specialized garage sales)
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Inventory number: 10535

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Canon 7Sz

Traduction de Manuel M

Canon 7SZ was produced August 1967 to September 1968.
Many specimens: approximately 4,000.
Swansong of this superb family, disappeared too early.

Compared to the :

External adjustment of the rangefinder. The body is not engraved “7SZ”, but “7S”.

Principal characteristics:

Serial numbers: 100000 to 123014
Interchangeable lenses with the Leica standard screwing of 39mm and coupled with the rangefinder. Like the 7, Canon 7S has, besides traditional mounting 39 with screw, a specific bayonet to mount the 0.95/50mm.
Broad rangefinder viewfindert combined for frames 35 - 50mm - 85/100 - 135. with corrected parallax. Telemetric Image of wide rectangular basis.
Shutter with focal plane and steels curtain, allowing speeds X, T, B, 1s with 1/1000s on only one serrated roller.
Cell CDS with two positions of sensitivity.
35mm for exposures 24x36mm
Socket flash synchro side with bayonet, for flash “UNIT II”.
Loading by the back.
Cockingt by lever.
External adjustment of the rangefinder.
Standard lenst: Canon 50 mm F1.2 - F1.4 - F1.8 or F0.95.

Picture one: 7SZ - n°: 118486 presented with Canon - F1.2-22 of 50mm, with its dedicated lenshood.

Picture three: detail of the hood, with its external adjustable screw of the rangefinder.

Canon 7Sz

Canon 7Sz