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Candid Camera Supply Co. Minifoto Junior
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Manufactured or assembled in USA from (Circa) 1938 to (After) 1938.
Index of rarity in France: Rare (among non-specialized garage sales)
Inventory number: 30000

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Chronology of cameras Candid Camera Supply Co. 

A Candid Type is defined by its use. Breaking with most previous models, these are cameras allowing spontaneous shooting. We can say that it can be applied to a multitude of cameras. Of course, we can draw some characteristics or constraints from it such as the small size for discretion, the use in natural light for spontaneity, the flash capturing the attention of the subject photographed beyond the first trigger. You also have to know how to accept some faults such as the lack of sharpness, the grain, the use of black and white. If these defects quickly disappeared thanks to an improvement in the quality of cameras and films, in the 1930s, it is still a reality.
Admittedly, a Leica can be assimilated to a Candid Type, but it is in the simplest that Galter is interested, pushing the notion of low end to its maximum. The term minimum is certainly more appropriate in the present case.

GalterThe cameras manufactured by Galter use the 127 film and give most of the time 3 x 4 cm negatives. They are sometimes made of bakelite, often of another plastic material with poor heat resistance. Moreover, we find many of his cameras with deformations without knowing if they presented them from the manufacture or if exposure to the sun is responsible.

The front face is covered with a round plate, held by two screws. If they are removed, the whole lens and shutter assembly comes apart. Inside, depending on the type of mould used, there may or may not be a housing for a replacement film.
Around the front lens are the name of the lens, Graf, and the 50mm focal length. The plate is generally decorated with two metallic circles: one closest to the lens, the other at the edge of the plate. The name of the pseudo-brand is inscribed under the lens, horizontally, followed by the indication of the city of manufacture, then a “Made in U.S.A.” on the curve.
The typography is often of the same inspiration.
The shutter is without cocking. Speeds are indicated by INST. and TIME.


To manufacture a Galter camera, you have to mould the back, the front part and the shutter cover separately. In the rear part, the two inactinic windows are inserted and the two closing claws are riveted. On the largest piece fits the film advance wheel. Inside, a metal lamella holding the film in place is riveted. The element constituting the lens is inserted in the Bakelite part of the shutter. The latter is slid into the front part. Its rear face is roughly cut from thin sheet metal and bent as required. It is hidden by a felt washer, then strong cardboard wedges are installed between this block and the front part of the camera to correct the focal length. The front plate is installed, and two screws hold it all together. All you have to do is insert a spool axis, and too bad if the assembly was approximate. The assembly is very fast and does not require any technical qualification.

The cameras, despite a multitude of (fake) brand names are grouped into a few types, which results from a limited number of moulds. Some atypical cameras result from the integration of other manufacturers. Variations, based on these moulds, can have a different closure system or screws holding the coil above the protrusions.
The decorations on the front of the body may vary: horizontal lines in variable number,

GalterLong-shaped mould, with two protrusions on the cover and thickened ends, made of Bakelite Long-shaped mould, but without a second protrusion. In plastic material.Galter
GalterPlump shape Short form
Flash MasterWith pins for flash WaldorfShort shape with protrusion
MinixAngular mould
Asymmetrical shapeGalter
  Galtershape... artistic
BernardHorizontal shape. Made of bakelite Long shape, with folding viewfinderFalcon
GalterVertical design imitating a TLR. Made of Bakelite or metal GalterVertical design imitating a TLR. Made of Bakelite


Candid Camera Supply Co. is a seller, not a manufacturer. It sold, among others, Japanese-made cameras manufactured by Olympic Camera.

Candid Camera Supply Co. Minifoto Junior


A multitude of low-end cameras with many things in common come from the same Chicago neighborhood.

Chicago 1940

Available in many more or less fictitious brands, they all originate from a man named Jack Galter (1904-1993)

GalterDollie Galter, medical school and Chicago benefactor, dies at 97
by Emeline Cokelet
April 22, 2001 Original article in The daily Northwestern

Dollie Galter, a benefactor of Northwestern’s Medical School, died Tuesday of heart failure at Northwestern Memorial Hospital. She was 97.
Her donations to the Medical School in the early 1990s helped to build the Galter Health Sciences Library and the Galter Pavilion. Both gifts were $10 million.
Galter, who grew up in Chicago and San Francisco, knew more about history than anybody in Chicago, said her close friend Jane Canepa. She was born Sarah Miriam Schiff on Jan. 2, 1904. After graduating from Harrison High School in Evansville, she worked as a Western Union operator. In 1925 she married Jack Galter, a big band drummer.
Galter and her husband had only $100 when they were first married, but he eventually earned more money than they ever felt they needed, Canepa said.
Her husband later owned Spartus clock company, worked in real estate and invented razors “for the common man,” Canepa said. In 1943, the Galters formed the Galter Foundation and eventually donated more than $100 million to charities, the arts and several Chicago medical institutions. Jack Galter died in 1993.
Galter often said her husband made the money and she gave it away, Canepa said.
“What she used to say about Jack is that he had the Midas touch,” Canepa said. “Whatever he touched would turn to gold.”
The Galters donated money to several institutions, including Shaare Zedek Medical Center in Jerusalem, the Jewish Council for the Elderly, Advocate Lutheran General Hospital in Park Ridge, Maryville Academy in Des Plaines, the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago and Children’s Memorial Hospital.
Galter was most proud of the Galter LifeCenter, a health and fitness facility that she financed at Chicago’s Swedish Covenant Hospital, Canepa said. She also was pleased with the Galter Health Sciences Library, where she established “Dollie’s Corner,” which provides medical students with books on subjects beyond medicine.
Her donations also supported WTTW Channel 11 and the Newberry Library.
Galter’s longtime presence in Chicago gave her a wealth of historical knowledge.
“She knew everyone from heads of state to Al Capone,” Canepa said.
Galter told stories of swimming in Lake Michigan at the present-day site of Lake Shore Drive and watching gangsters-versus-politicians baseball games where all the players left their guns in a wheelbarrow at home plate. Her husband used to play at a Mafia-run nightclub that later became the site of the Galter Pavilion, Canepa said.
Galter had a magnetic personality and was always humble about her wealth, said Tina Rothstein, who worked with the Galter Foundation for 16 years.
“She was a very modest lady,” Rothstein said. “If you would see her on the street, you would never know she had millions.”
Galter’s wealth made her tough, but she was pleasant, fair and “had a good laugh,” Canepa said.
She loved swimming, horseback riding, reading, architecture, children, and collecting art and jewelry. Galter lived in a penthouse in downtown Chicago and was independent until her death, Canepa said.
Galter is survived by one daughter, Lois Joseph; four grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren. A funeral was held Friday in Chicago.

Jack Galter, 89, musician, promoter, philanthropist

by Kenan Heise
May 7, 1993 Original article in Chicago Tribune

Jack Galter, 89, a Chicago philanthropist, had careers over the years as a professional drummer, as a clock manufacturer and as president of the Galter Corp., a large real estate development and investment firm.
A resident of the Streeterville neighborhood, he died Wednesday, his birthday, in Northwestern Memorial Hospital.
Mr. Galter, emigrated with his family from Russia. They settled first in Chicago and later moved to Sutton, Neb.
From 1920 to 1933, Mr. Galter worked as a professional drummer, playing with a number of jazz greats, including Benny Goodman, Danny Alvin and David Rose.
In the heart of the Depression, he started several companies. One, the Spartus Corp., became one of the largest clock manufacturers in the country.
Among his real estate holdings over the year were two apartment buildings, the Carriage House and the Hampshire House, in the Streeterville area, which he sold to Northwestern Memorial Hospital.
In 1943, he and his wife established the Galter Foundation, which provides philanthropic support to health-care institutions, Jewish welfare funds and the handicapped.
He served as a director of the Hektoen Institute and the Children's Asthma Research Institute.
Survivors include his wife of 68 years, Sarah "Dollie"; a daughter, Lois Galter Joseph; four grandchildren; and five great-grandchildren.
Services for Mr. Galter will be held at 2 p.m. Friday in Piser Weinstein Menorah Chapel, 5206 N. Broadway.

Having a good sense of business, Jack Galter detected, at the end of the 1930s, the desire among young Americans to own a simple and, above all, inexpensive camera. Galter will therefore manufacture something to satisfy this desire.
He will register the design of his cameras,

Design for a camera

Design 114 324

April 18, 1939
Design Design for a camera

Design 114 323

April 18, 1939

and several patents relating to apparatus features. We easily recognize the main features of what will be commonly called Candid-Type camera.

Synchronized Flash Camera

2 196 604

April 9, 1940

Brevet Haking Synchronized Flash Camera

2 198 975

April 30, 1930
(Galter isn't the inventor)


2 206 532

July 2, 1940

Brevet Haking

Film winding

2 213 492

September 3, 1940

Brevet Haking

Blocking of the film winding knob

2 220 599

November 5, 1940

Brevet Haking    

The cameras are of 127 format, in moulded material, most of the time black. There is no adjustment, the lens, whose name is Graf, is fix-focus. From a few different moulds and a great imagination to give them respectable names, Galter will produce thousands of inexpensive cameras, sold in drugstores and some of which will be contest gifts or advertising bonuses.
The main address of Sparta Corp. initially specializing in the manufacture of clocks and razors was 711-715 West Lake Street, but we see that pseudo-brands had their addresses almost in the same block of buildings. For example Walnut St. runs parallel to West Lake Str. separate from a block.

In the early 1940s, Galter absorbed Utility Mfg. Co of New York and made it one of its subsidiaries. The use of pseudo-brands evoking other real brands leads in 1941 justice to order Galter to stop such a process following complaints from Remington, Underwood and Elgin.
In 1951, Galter sold his company to his sales manager, Harold Rubin, who changed the name of the company to Herold Products Co. It will once again become Spartus Corp. several years later. At the end of the 1950s, Jack and Dollie Galter invest in real estate where they will make a fortune.

A very incomplete overview of the true and pseudo brands of the Galter saga.


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