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Cadot Folding Pocca E
France Version française
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Manufactured or assembled in France from (Before) 1905 to (After) 1905.
Index of rarity in France: Rare (among non-specialized garage sales)
Inventory number: 5090

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Chronology of cameras Cadot 

Alongside Series I and Series II, Cadot offers the Folding-Pocca. It is also a 9 x 12 cm camera, with the same mahogany/Morocco leather finish as the other two models, but without the particular viewfinder mounted under the lens.
For an equivalent lens, the Folding-Pocca is cheaper. A mini-range is created thanks to the various lenses offered:

Model Lens Selling price 1905

C Rectiligne 80 francs
D Hermagis 125 francs
E Cadot 145 francs
F Busch 145 francs
G Goerz 215 francs
H Zeiss 215 francs
Cadot Folding Pocca E

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