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Konica Auto S2
France Version française
Photos by LT text by Sylvain Halgand. From the collection of LT. Last update 2018-11-21 par Sylvain Halgand.

Manufactured or assembled in Japan from 1965 to (After) 1965.
Index of rarity in France: Infrequent (among non-specialized garage sales)
Inventory number: 11305

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Chronology of cameras Konica 

Traduction de Alphonse Khuu

Very sober, almost common, this camera has a wide rangefinder viewfinder with correction of the parallax.
The CDS cell (window located above the front lens) controls the exposure from 1 second opened at 1.8 to 1 / 500 at 16. It is also possible to use the camera in manual mode. The cell measures the light vertically on an angle of 25 °; it means 10 °up and 15 °down and on an angle of 30 ° horizontally. The cell information display is in a small window between the shutter release and the flash shoe and in the viewfinder.

The lens is a very good 1.8 / 45mm one with 6 glasses. The shutter is a Copal SVA.

Some copies have an included lens shade. The accessory shoe doesn’t get flash sync mode, and then we must use a cable to plug into the front.

In 1966, this camera was sold at the price of 771 francs (a small fortune, still)

Konica Auto S2



1873 Foundation of the Konishi-ya company. First implementation of photographic and lithographic materials.
1876 Move in Tokyo. The Company takes the name of Konishi Honten.
1882 Three factories are established in Tokyo and produce cameras, coated paper, and equipment for lithography.
1897 Import]in Japan of the first cinematographic cameras allowing begin a Japanese production of films.
1902 Establishment of a new factory in Tokyo, intended to produce photographic plates and papers. This factory is regarded as the cradle of Japanese photographic industry.
1903 The first photosensitive paper produced in Japan, the paper SAKURA type Hakkin, as well as the camera Cherry, are introduced on the market].
1909 Opening of the branch of Osaka. Setting on sale of the LiIy camera.
1919 Factories are grouped together in Tokyo, and form the first photographic organization of modern type of Japan.
1921 This organization becomes the Company Konishiroku Honten (Honten = general headquarters).
1925 Beginning of the sales of the Pearlette camera.
1929 Beginning of the sales of the films SAKURA (Sakura = flower of cherry tree of Japan).
1933 Extension of the general headquarters. 1936 the Company becomes Konishiroku C° Ltd. Opening of a branch at Hino, and moving of the department Production of sensitive Materials.
1938 Introduction of the Semipearl camera.
1940 The production of the first Japanese colour film, the SAKURA natural Color Film, is announced.
1943 the Company takes its current name of Konishiroku Photo lndustry C° Ltd and the factories are renamed.
1944 Merge with Showa Photo Industries C° Ltd, which adds the factories of Odawara and Koyama to the company.
1945 End of the war, involving a chaotic economic situation. A big reorganization is ensured to make it possible the Company to survive this agitated period.
1948 Sales of the first cameras of brand KONICA, and starting again of exports.
1963 Inauguration of the big factory of production of cameras
1967 Beginning of the sales of the great worldwide novelty the SAKURACOLOR N-100, as well as first automatic reflex camera of the world, KONICA AUTO-REFLEX.
1968 This first automatic reflex camera (EE) is built-in the through the lens measurement (TTL): it becomes KONICA AUTOREFLEX T. Production, the same year, of the first Japanese compact camera 24 x 36 with coupled rangefinder, the KONICA C35.
1969 Development by Konishiroku of the first compact holographic camera of the world.
1970 Beginning of the sales of the engines for dry electrostatic photocopying U-Bix. Setting on sale of the SAKURA High Resolution Plate, sensitive material, with ultra-fine grain and very high-resolution, indispensable for the manufacture of the Integrated circuits.
1971 Sales of the new SAKURACOLOR. Beginning of the export of U-Bix MARK I.
1973 Celebration of the 100th anniversary of the firm. Adoption of the new logotype. Starting for a new century, with a renewed enthusiasm.

Sorry, I forgot what are my sources for this history.

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APPAREIL PHOTO KONICA EF-88 non testé en l'etat

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Cinq appareils photo compacts argentiques, Nikon,Olympus,Konica..vintage

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