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Ansco Vest pocket N° 0
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Photos by AL text by Sylvain Halgand. From the collection of AL. Last update 2012-10-13 par Michel Rochevalier.

Manufactured or assembled in USA from (Circa) 1916 to (After) 1916.
Index of rarity in France: Rare (among non-specialized garage sales)
Inventory number: 10378

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Chronology of cameras Ansco 

Traduction de Manuel M

In the catalog Photo-Plait of 1919, the Ansco cameras are in good place, because 15 folding cameras and 4 boxes are presented. The range is probably complete. In comparison, Kodak is non-existent.

It is not only a vision through the catalog Photo- Plait , but on the US market, this fight between the two manufacturers lasted of long years. It is the release of the 35 mm cameras which seems to have for good made assign Kodak.

For coming back to 1919, Photo-Plait “makes the press article”:

“The “Ansco” cameras undeniably the best existing cameras with films: they are accessible to all, have a simplicity such as a child can make use of it. All the amateurs who have a “Ansco” were capable to realize by what precedes. Such a travelling companion, a” Ansco “allows you to report to your friends, the manifest obviousness of the wonders which you saw! It is per thousands that the tourists will come soon to France. Everyone indeed will want to visit our country after the terrible war. With Ansco, you will revive the marvellous days of your travels and your excursions. To traverse our beautiful France with a” Ansco “, such will be the favorite hobby of many travellers this year.
The “Ansco” camera completely removes any feeling of doubt for the exposures. The operation is simple, the result is certain. The “Ansco” have the simplicity of the cameras of amateurs and qualities of the cameras of professionals, and, so are able to make all kinds of varied work.
The “Buster Brown” provided with a simple mechanism are very designated for the beginners. We well highly recommend the use of the “Ansco” or “Plavic” films, having all qualities which ensure the exact reproduction of the scenes or objects photographed. These qualities are: great speed; power to preserve the impressions at the light as well as the value of the tones; the power to maintain a perfectly correction between the blacks, the white and the half-tones.
Ultimately, to carry out a complete success photographs some, you provide with an “Ansco” camera and employ the Speedex Ansco “films or even the brand” Plavic “.

and that continues with the lens…

“Ansco” Lens

“The lens is the greatest part of the camera; it must be matched with the format and the kind of the camera itself. The main advantage of the anastigmat lens, it is that it can be employed with large aperture and make definite exposures on all the edges.
The lens of “Ansco” and “Buster Brown”cameras deserved all our attention and we provided with each model of camera, a lens in connection and, when we speak about lenses, we also include the shutters. For a model of lens,, a too long shutter will prevent from making good exposures, on the other hand, a too fast shutter will remove all the benefit of its luminosity to him.
Only, the years of experiment (more than 60 years) in the manufacture of the “Ansco” cameras learned at this important firm, to establish a good average and to make it possible to the amateur to also obtain remarkable results with a lenst not too expensive and, to be able to use the maximum of luminosity with an anastigmat.”

The shutters of the range of Ansco cameras of the catalog Photo-Plait of 1919.

Shutter with the automatically being cocked 1/100e of second, of solid construction and of which the mechanism is protected, which prevents it from being put out of order. The figure indicates the differences in speeds and the apertures of lens. It is the model which is on Vest-Pocket Ansco, II is operation by a push rod with the finger and also by a metal shutter release.

This model is neater like construction than the precedent. Its mechanism is protected and well contained carefully in an envelope. It makes speeds 1/10e, the 25e, the 50e and the 1/100e of second. It is provided with a metal shutter release.

It has moreover the second, the 1/2 and 5th of second. Provided with a metal shutter release.

The maximum speed of this shutter is the 1/300e which is sufficient to take subjects moving. The range speeds is of 1 second with 1/300e. Provided with a metal shutter release.

It is a very fast automatic shutter making the 1/150e of second with intermediate speeds. It is provided with the Ilex wheel to control various speeds and gives for times of shuttering as much of precision than a watch. It makes it possible to distribute lighting on all the surface of the plate by a system of 5 plates the star form opening. It has a metal shutter release.

Ansco Vest pocket N° 0

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