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Cabossel et Hude Minerva
France Version française
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Manufactured or assembled in France from 1930 to (After) 1930.
Index of rarity in France: Rare (among non-specialized garage sales)
Inventory number: 13515

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Chronology of cameras Cabossel et Hude 

Traduction de DC.

In 1930, further to twenty five years of activity, the French manufacturer Cabossel et Hude launched “La Minerva” on the market.
This nicely finished folding camera for 9x12 cm plates is fitted with a wooden body and a metal bed both covered with a fine Havana brown leather .
The camera offers a double extension bellow, a U shaped lens standard with rise, fall and shift capability.
An advertisement dated 1930 indicated that the Minerva and other folding cameras of the same manufacturer (e.g. Pygma, Imperia, Dyna) could be proposed fitted with lenses sourced from various manufacturers as Berthiot, Boyer, Hermagis, Krauss, Roussel or Stella.
The camera is fitted with f:6.3 Tessar made under license by Krauss and with an AGC IBSO shutter.
The access to the ground glass is possible by opening a leather protection shaped as a window.
At a first approach, the fact that this camera is belonging to the Cabossel et Hude manufacturing range is not obvious. A small and round metal label plate riveted on the inner wall of the bed shows a star, the two initials C and H as well as the name “La Minerva” engraved.
A variation of “La Minerva” is depicted here and shows many interesting differences.

Cabossel et Hude Minerva


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Les chambres Cabossel et Hude répertoriées ont un nom finissant par A. Elles se distinguent par le format et le niveau de finition. Elles constituent une gamme complète.

Format Tirage
6,5 x 9 9 x 12 10 x 15

Nina Corps en bois. Gainage imitation. Abattant métal. x     S
Optima Corps en bois et abattant en bois. x     S
Selecta   x     S
Athena Abattant Duralumin, deux viseurs, gainage cuir. x     D
Excelta Abattant Duralumin, deux viseurs, gainage cuir.   x   S
Omnia Corps en bois. Gainage "Gros grain". Abattant en bois.   x   S
Pocca Corps en bois. Gainage imitation. Abattant métal.   x   S
Minerva Luxe, corps ébénisterie, gainage maroquin noir ou havane. Abattant Duralumin   x   D
Luxia Corps en bois, gainé maroquin fin. Format horizontal.     x  
Superia Corps en bois, gainé maroquin fin. Format vertical.     x  
Cabossel et Hude Minerva

Cabossel et Hude Minerva

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