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Cabossel et Hude Minerva
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Manufactured or assembled in France from 1930 to (After) 1930.
Index of rarity in France: Rare (among non-specialized garage sales)
Inventory number: 13515

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Chronology of cameras Cabossel et Hude 

Cabossel et Hude was an active manufacturer of cameras for nearly thirty years, albeit lacking in great originality. Despite this longevity, the company and its products remain relatively unknown. This lack of recognition for the cameras can be attributed to the fact that some of them were sold under other brands. Overall, these cameras have few distinctive features, excluding a folding stand shaped like the Eiffel Tower, and it is uncertain whether all Cabossel and Hude folding cameras were equipped with this stand.

A few press articles allow us to learn a few small details about this company, also known as Manufacture d'Appareils Photographiques Cabossel & Hude.

In 1905, Maurice Cabossel (1876-1959), along with Mr. R. Zehnder (from Switzerland), took over the workshops of Cadot at 76 Rue d'Anjou, Paris, and continued the construction of certain models.
They moved at the end of 1913 to Rue de Valois.

They also acted as representatives of E. Suter, a Swiss manufacturer.

We note that the name Zehnder disappeared in November 1914.

Starting from February 13, 1914, Cabossel is associated with Hude, without further details on the reason for the split between Cabossel and Zehnder. It's only known that Zehnder returned to Switzerland.
During the 1920s and 1930s, "Cabossel et Hude" were present at photography exhibitions.


1926 Stand Cabossel and Hude at the IVth Exhibition of Photography and Cinematography.

CABOSSEL and HUDE (Etablissements), 2 Rue de Valois, Paris. — Like in previous years, the stand of the Etablissements Cabossel et Hude was particularly visited by all resellers, and numerous orders for cameras from their various series were recorded by this company. But the big success of this year was undoubtedly "La Minerva," for plates and 9 x 12 films. This extra-thin folding, a marvel of precision and elegance, is equipped with a double extension and all the latest improvements; it is mounted with F. 6.3 and F. 4.5 lenses from all major French brands; it is the luxury folding, ideal for experienced amateurs. The "Piquita" and "Dyna" for 7 x 11 films and 6 x 9 plates were also highly requested. We are pleased to note, to the credit of French manufacturing, that it is the improvements and careful construction of cameras from this company that have earned it a serious reputation and a just reputation.

1932 IXth Exhibition of Photography.

During the 1930s, Cabossel appears as the vice-president of the Chambre Syndicale des Industries et du Commerca Photographiques. In this capacity, he was decorated with the Academic Palms in 1934.

The manufacturing activity ceased before the Second World War, and only the repair workshop remained.
(with the friendly participation of Etienne Gérard)


In 1930, after 25 years of activity, the French company Cabossel et Hude introduced the Minerva to the market. This 9 x 12 cm plate folding camera, well crafted with a wooden body and a metal folding bed, both covered in Havana leather.
The camera features a double-extension Havana leather bellows and allows for both vertical and horizontal shifts.

A 1930 advertisement stated that the Minerva, along with other cameras of the brand such as the Pygma, Imperia, Dyna, and others, could be equipped with various lenses (Berthiot, Boyer, Hermagis, Krauss, Roussel, Stella). This specimen is equipped with a Tessar lens, f:6.3, manufactured under license by Krauss on an Ibso shutter.

The ground glass can be accessed through a leather "window" opening in the middle.

The association with the Cabossel et Hude brand is not immediately obvious. Only a metal badge engraved and riveted on the inner face of the folding bed indicates the manufacturer's identity by the initials C and H surrounding a star, as well as the name "La Minerva".

Cabossel et Hude Minerva

Cabossel et Hude Minerva

Cabossel et Hude Minerva


The listed Cabossel and Hude cameras have names ending with "A." They are distinguished by their format and level of finishing. Together, they make up a complete range or lineup.

Size Extension
6,5 x 9 9 x 12 10 x 15

Nina Wooden body, Leatherette, Metal lid. x     S
Optima Wooden body and lid. x     S
Selecta   x     S
Athena Duralumin lid, two viewfinders, Leather. x     D
Excelta Duralumin lid, two viewfinders, Leather.   x   S
Omnia Wooden body and lid, Coarse grain.   x   S
Pocca Wooden body, Leatherette, Metal lid.   x   S
Minerva Luxe, cabinet making body, black or havana morocco leather, Duralumin lid.   x   D
Luxia Wooden body, Morocco leather, Horizontal shape.     x  
Superia Wooden body, Fine Morocco leather, Vertical shape.     x  

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