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Cadot Folding Cadot Série I
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Manufactured or assembled in from (Before) 1905 to (After) 1905.
Index of rarity in France: Rare (among non-specialized garage sales)
Inventory number: 4748

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Chronology of cameras Cadot 


Cadot often envisioned original solutions to improve cameras. The Folding Series I and Series II are no exception.

The cameras from both series are featured on page 8 of the 1905 catalog of the Grands Magasins du Louvre. They are 9 x 12 format cameras made of mahogany, covered in Morocco leather.

The focusing system is peculiar, if indeed it can be called that, as a cylindrical viewfinder is attached to the flap, on the movable part that supports the lens carriage. The movement of the movable part of the rack is ensured by two wheels which are embedded in the flap, and not on its edge as is usually the case. The viewfinder is therefore intended for waist-level viewing, but its position at the base of the lens does not make it easy to use.
On the edge of the flap, there are two rings which may be used to lock it in the closed position.

Series I

The cameras in Series I are loaded with a single plate.

The models of this series are:

Model Lens Selling price 1905

A Rectiligne 120 francs
B Busch 195 francs
C Goerz 250 francs
D Zeiss IIa 250 francs

Series II

The cameras of Series II are equipped with a magazine for 12 plates. The orientation of the magazine is unusual.

The models of this series are:

Model Lens Selling prince 1905

E rectiligne 140 francs
F Busch 215 francs
G anastigmat Cadot 230 francs
H Goerz 270 francs
J Zeiss IIa 270 francs


Cadot Folding Cadot Série I

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