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Agfa -
Optima 1035 Agfa Optima 1035 Silette (Type 2) Agfa Silette Silette I Agfa Silette I
Le Box Agfa Le Box
Aldi -
Traveler DC 140 Aldi Traveler DC 140 Traveler DC-145 Aldi Traveler DC-145 Traveler DC-6900 Aldi Traveler DC-6900
Ansco -
N° 3A Pliant Ansco N° 3A Pliant
Balda -
Baldessa I Balda Baldessa I Baldina Balda Baldina
Bell and Howell -
EZ35 Flash Bell and Howell EZ35 Flash
Belomo -
Vilia Belomo Vilia
Braun -
Paxette I Braun Paxette I Super Paxette IL Braun Super Paxette IL
Canon -
Autoboy N150 Canon Autoboy N150 Digital Ixus 75 Canon Digital Ixus 75 Elph 2 Canon Elph 2 Powershot A1000 IS Canon Powershot A1000 IS
Powershot A1100 IS Canon Powershot A1100 IS Powershot A2000 IS Canon Powershot A2000 IS Powershot A450 Canon Powershot A450 Powershot A470 Canon Powershot A470
Powershot A530 Canon Powershot A530 Powershot A75 Canon Powershot A75 Powershot A800 Canon Powershot A800 Premier M-101D Canon Premier M-101D
Prima BF Zoom 800 Canon Prima BF Zoom 800 Prima BF-800 Canon Prima BF-800 Prima Super 105X Canon Prima Super 105X Prima Super 28V Canon Prima Super 28V
Prima Twin Canon Prima Twin Prima Zoom Canon Prima Zoom Snappy 50 Canon Snappy 50 Snappy QT Canon Snappy QT
Sure Shot Z90W Canon Sure Shot  Z90W Sure Shot 105u Canon Sure Shot 105u Sure Shot 115u Canon Sure Shot 115u Sure Shot 130u Canon Sure Shot 130u
Sure Shot 65 Zoom Canon Sure Shot 65 Zoom Sure Shot 76 Zoom Canon Sure Shot 76 Zoom Sure Shot 80u Canon Sure Shot 80u Sure Shot 85 Zoom (Date) Canon Sure Shot 85 Zoom
Sure Shot 90u Canon Sure Shot 90u Sure Shot Classic 120 Canon Sure Shot Classic 120 Sure Shot Z155 Canon Sure Shot Z155 Sure Shot Z70W Canon Sure Shot Z70W
Sure Shot Z85 Canon Sure Shot Z85
Casio -
Exilim EX-Z77 Casio Exilim EX-Z77 QV-R61 Casio QV-R61
Chinon -
35 FX III Chinon 35 FX III Auto 4001 Chinon Auto 4001 Auto 6001 Chinon Auto 6001 Auto GL Chinon Auto GL
Auto GLX Tele-Wide Chinon Auto GLX Tele-Wide Monami Chinon  Monami
pocketpak Flash Chinon pocketpak Flash
Reflex SLR
Genesis III Chinon Genesis III
Continental -
Reflex SLR
TXL Continental TXL
VZ 140 Edixa VZ 140
Fabricant inconnu 1 -
(Zomig) Fabricant inconnu 1
Fabricant inconnu 4 -
Fabricant inconnu 4
Focal -
860S Focal 860S AW 818 Focal AW 818
110 Focal 110
Formosa Plastics Corporation -
BW-7000 Caesar's Formosa Plastics Corporation BW-7000 Caesar's Licom MXF-700 Formosa Plastics Corporation Licom MXF-700 Licom MXF-700 Formosa Plastics Corporation Licom MXF-700 Nikanon RX-7 Formosa Plastics Corporation Nikanon RX-7
Nishiki Super II Formosa Plastics Corporation Nishiki Super II Optiflex NF-1 Formosa Plastics Corporation Optiflex NF-1 Optiflex NF-1 Formosa Plastics Corporation Optiflex NF-1 Yashiwa XR90 Formosa Plastics Corporation Yashiwa XR90
Foster Instruments -
Swiftshot Foster Instruments Swiftshot
Foto-Quelle -
Reflex SLR
Revueflex TL I Foto-Quelle Revueflex TL I
Franka -
Franka E Franka Franka E Super-Frankarette L II Franka Super-Frankarette L II
Solida I Franka Solida I
Fuji -
Auto-8 QD Fuji Auto-8 QD DL-200 II Date Fuji DL-200 II Date DL-300 Fuji DL-300
F-50S Fuji F-50S
Fujica -
Compact Deluxe Fujica Compact Deluxe
Fujifilm -
FinePix S3500 Fujifilm FinePix S3500
Big Viewfinder Auto 35 Fujifilm Big Viewfinder Auto 35 Clear Shot 60 AF Fujifilm Clear Shot 60 AF FinePix A600 Fujifilm FinePix A600 FinePix A700 Fujifilm FinePix A700
Nexia 320 ix Z Fujifilm Nexia 320 ix Z
Compact Zoom-Wide Fujiyama  Compact Zoom-Wide
Graflex (Australia) -
35EL Graflex (Australia) 35EL 35MW Graflex (Australia) 35MW Image III Graflex (Australia) Image III
Great Wall Plastic Factory -
Banner (N° W20A) Great Wall Plastic Factory Banner
Haking -
Halina Silhouette Zoom Haking Halina Silhouette Zoom
Hanimex -
35 AFX Hanimex 35 AFX 35 CAF Hanimex 35 CAF 35 CFF Hanimex 35 CFF 35 DL Hanimex 35 DL
35 DL Hanimex 35 DL 35 FX Hanimex 35 FX 35 me Hanimex 35 me 35 MF Hanimex 35 MF
35 MS Hanimex 35 MS 35 RAS Hanimex 35 RAS 35 RF Hanimex 35 RF 35 SL Hanimex 35 SL
35 WF Hanimex 35 WF 35 XAF Hanimex 35 XAF 35 XF Hanimex 35 XF Auto-EE Hanimex Auto-EE
Electra I Hanimex Electra I FM 35 Hanimex FM 35 Handy Hanimex Handy Hanimar Hanimex Hanimar
Holiday 35 Hanimex Holiday 35 MC 35S Hanimex MC 35S Mini-2 Hanimex Mini-2 Pix Hanimex Pix
SnapShot 30 Hanimex SnapShot 30 Snapshot AF-55 Hanimex Snapshot AF-55 SnapShot Metallic Hanimex SnapShot Metallic VC 3200 Hanimex VC 3200
X-126 Hanimex X-126
108 F Hanimex 108 F 110 IF Hanimex 110 IF 110 TF Motor Hanimex 110 TF Motor 110 TF Tele Hanimex 110 TF Tele
ES Hanimex ES Pocket 110 EF Hanimex Pocket 110 EF Pocket 110 IEF Tele Hanomatic (Tele-Wide EF) Hanimex Pocket 110 IEF Tele Hanomatic Pocket 400 Hanimex Pocket 400
VEF Hanimex VEF VEF Zoom Hanimex VEF Zoom VIF 110 Hanimex VIF 110
Reflex SLR
RF35d Reflex Flash Hanimex RF35d Reflex Flash
Amphibian 110MF Hanimex Amphibian 110MF
A-8000S Henrycon A-8000S
Hewlett Packard -
Photosmart 735 Hewlett Packard Photosmart 735
Holga -
120GTLR Holga 120GTLR
Houghton -
Ensign Selfix 420 Houghton Ensign Selfix 420
Ilford -
Ilfomatic Universal 50C Ilford Ilfomatic Universal 50C
Iloca -
Rapid Iloca Rapid
Imperial Camera Corporation -
Magimatic X50 Imperial Camera Corporation Magimatic X50
Imtek Foto
AF35 Imtek Foto AF35
Intova -
Snap Sights! Intova Snap Sights!
Kalimar -
AM Kalimar AM
Keystone -
Auto-Instant 115X Keystone Auto-Instant 115X
Kinon -
860S Kinon 860S AW-80 Kinon  AW-80 K50 Kinon K50 LX-7 Kinon LX-7
SL- IV Kinon  SL- IV SL-III Kinon SL-III
Kodak -
Brownie N° 0 Model A Kodak Brownie N° 0 Brownie Six-20 E
Kodak Brownie Six-20 E N° 2 Cartridge Hawk-Eye Model C Kodak N° 2 Cartridge Hawk-Eye Model C
EasyShare DX7590 Kodak EasyShare DX7590
Advantix 2000 Auto Kodak Advantix 2000 Auto Advantix 3100AF Kodak  Advantix 3100AF Advantix 3700ix Kodak Advantix 3700ix Advantix C350 Kodak Advantix C350
Cameo Zoom Plus Kodak Cameo Zoom Plus EasyShare C340 Kodak EasyShare C340 EasyShare CX7525 Kodak EasyShare CX7525 Instamatic 200 Kodak Instamatic 200
KE20 Kodak KE20 KE85 Kodak KE85 Prostar 222 Kodak Prostar 222 Prostar 333 Kodak Prostar 333
S100 Kodak S100 S400SL Kodak S400SL S500 AF Kodak S500 AF Star 500AF Kodak  Star 500AF
Star Zoom 105 Kodak Star Zoom 105 Star Zoom 70 Kodak Star Zoom 70 VR35 AF K80 Kodak VR35 AF K80 VR35 K12 Kodak VR35 K12
VR35 K2 Kodak VR35 K2 VR35 K4 Kodak VR35 K4 VR35 K4a Kodak VR35 K4a VR35 K5 Kodak  VR35 K5
VR35 K60 Kodak VR35 K60
Junior II Kodak Junior II Six-20 Kodak B Kodak Six-20 Kodak B
Ektralite 10 Kodak Ektralite 10 Tele-Ektralite 20 Kodak Tele-Ektralite 20
Konica -
Big Mini (BM-302) Konica Big Mini Big Mini (BM-411Z) Konica Big Mini Big Mini HG (BM-300) Konica Big Mini HG Big Mini SR (BM-100) Konica Big Mini SR
Big Mini VX (BM-701) Konica Big Mini VX EE Matic S Konica EE Matic S EE-Matic F Deluxe Konica EE-Matic F Deluxe K-mini Konica K-mini
Lexio 115 Konica Lexio 115 MG Konica MG Pop Konica Pop Pop AF-30 Konica Pop AF-30
Pop-10 Konica Pop-10 Revio Z3 Konica Revio Z3 Z-up 110 VP Konica Z-up 110 VP Z-up 118 Super Konica Z-up 118 Super
Z-up 120 VP Konica Z-up 120 VP Z-up 135 Super Konica Z-up 135 Super Z-up 70 Super Konica Z-up 70 Super Z-up 70 VP Konica Z-up 70 VP
Z-up 90e Konica Z-up 90e
Kowa -
Reflex SLR
Kowaflex E Kowa Kowaflex E
Lomography -
Fisheye N° 2 Lomography Fisheye N° 2
Mamiya -
Reflex SLR
MSX 500 Mamiya MSX 500
Meikai -
AW-4366 Meikai AW-4366 AW-4366 Meikai AW-4366 ID4396 Meikai ID4396
Minolta -
110 Zoom Minolta 110 Zoom Capios 20 Minolta Capios 20 P's Minolta P's Riva Zoom 130 Minolta Riva Zoom 130
Riva Zoom 135ex Minolta Riva Zoom 135ex Riva Zoom 140 Minolta Riva Zoom 140 Riva Zoom 150 Date Minolta Riva Zoom 150 Date Riva Zoom 160 Date Minolta Riva Zoom 160 Date
Riva Zoom 75W Minolta Riva Zoom 75W Supreme Freedom Zoom Minolta Supreme Freedom Zoom Vectis GX-3 Minolta Vectis GX-3
Autopak 250 Minolta Autopak 250 Pocket Pak 40 Minolta Pocket Pak 40
Reflex SLR
Vectis S-1 Minolta Vectis S-1 XG-E Minolta XG-E
Miranda -
Reflex SLR
Fm Miranda Fm
Time FC-100 nanars Time FC-100
Neoca -
S Neoca S
Nikon -
AD3 Nikon AD3 AF210 Nikon AF210 AF240SV Nikon AF240SV AF250SV Nikon AF250SV
Coolpix L10 Nikon Coolpix L10 Coolpix L22 Nikon Coolpix L22 Coolpix S230 Nikon Coolpix S230 Coolpix S3000 Nikon Coolpix S3000
Coolpix S6100 Nikon Coolpix S6100 EF400SV Nikon EF400SV EF500SV Nikon EF500SV L35 AD Nikon L35 AD
L35 AF2 Nikon L35 AF2 Lite.Touch Zoom 100W Nikon Lite.Touch Zoom 100W Lite.Touch Zoom 110s Nikon Lite.Touch Zoom 110s Lite.Touch Zoom 120ED Nikon Lite.Touch Zoom 120ED
Lite.Touch Zoom 130ED QD Nikon Lite.Touch Zoom 130ED QD Lite.Touch Zoom 140ED Nikon Lite.Touch Zoom 140ED Lite.Touch Zoom 70W Nikon Lite.Touch Zoom 70W Lite.Touch Zoom 70Ws QD Nikon Lite.Touch Zoom 70Ws QD
Lite.Touch Zoom AF QD Nikon Lite.Touch Zoom AF QD Nice.Touch 2 Nikon Nice.Touch 2 Nuvis 300 Nikon Nuvis 300 Nuvis A20 Nikon Nuvis A20
Nuvis S Nikon Nuvis S One.Touch Zoom 90s AF Nikon One.Touch Zoom 90s AF RD2 Nikon RD2 RF10 Nikon RF10
RF2 Nikon RF2 TW Zoom Nikon TW Zoom TW Zoom 35-70 Nikon TW Zoom 35-70 TW Zoom QD Nikon TW Zoom QD
TW20 QD Nikon TW20 QD TW2D Nikon TW2D Zoom 310 QD Nikon Zoom 310 QD Zoom 400 Nikon Zoom 400
Zoom 500 Nikon Zoom 500 Zoom 60 Nikon Zoom 60 Zoom 600 QD Nikon Zoom 600 QD
Olympia Japan
DL2000A Olympia Japan DL2000A
Olympus -
Camedia C-740 Ultra Zoom Olympus Camedia C-740 Ultra Zoom
AF-1 Super Quartz date Olympus AF-1 Super Quartz date AF-10 Olympus AF-10 AZ-1 Zoom Olympus AZ-1 Zoom AZ-100 Zoom Olympus AZ-100 Zoom
FE-115 Olympus FE-115 FE-130 Olympus FE-130 FE-170 Olympus FE-170 FE-190 Olympus FE-190
FE-270 Olympus FE-270 FE-310 Olympus FE-310 FE-340 Olympus FE-340 FE-45 Olympus FE-45
Infinity Quartzdate Olympus Infinity Quartzdate Infinity Stylus Zoom DLX Olympus Infinity Stylus Zoom DLX Mju Zoom 115 Olympus Mju Zoom 115 Mju Zoom 115 Olympus Mju Zoom 115
Mju Zoom 140 Olympus Mju Zoom 140 Mju Zoom 70 Olympus Mju Zoom 70 Mju Zoom 80 Wide Olympus Mju Zoom 80 Wide Mju-II Olympus Mju-II
Mju-II Zoom 115 Deluxe Edition Olympus Mju-II Zoom 115 Mju-II Zoom 80 Olympus Mju-II Zoom 80 Mju-III 80 Olympus Mju-III 80 Mju-III Wide 100 Olympus Mju-III Wide 100
Newpic AF200 Olympus Newpic AF200 Pen S (3,5) Olympus Pen S Quickmatic 600 Olympus Quickmatic 600 Quickmatic EES Olympus Quickmatic EES
S Olympus S Stylus 120 Olympus Stylus 120 Stylus Epic Zoom 115 Deluxe Olympus Stylus Epic Zoom 115 Deluxe Super Trip Olympus Super Trip
Superzoom 100G Olympus Superzoom 100G Superzoom 105 Quartz Date Olympus Superzoom 105 Quartz Date Superzoom 140S Olympus Superzoom 140S Superzoom 160G Olympus Superzoom 160G
Superzoom 80 Wide Olympus Superzoom 80 Wide Superzoom 800S Olympus Superzoom 800S Superzoom 80G Olympus Superzoom 80G Superzoom 80s Olympus Superzoom 80s
T-100 Olympus  T-100 Trip AF 31 Olympus Trip AF 31 Trip AF MD Olympus Trip AF MD Trip MD3 Olympus Trip MD3
DSC5382 Omni DSC5382
Ouyama - New Taiwan Photographic Corporation -
Caonamatica Ouyama - New Taiwan Photographic Corporation Caonamatica Neikai Ouyama - New Taiwan Photographic Corporation Neikai Nikaiyo Ouyama - New Taiwan Photographic Corporation Nikaiyo Odette X3000 Ouyama - New Taiwan Photographic Corporation Odette X3000
Okaido Ouyama - New Taiwan Photographic Corporation Okaido Yoshita MF-A7000F Ouyama - New Taiwan Photographic Corporation Yoshita MF-A7000F
Panasonic -
C-X200Z Panasonic C-X200Z Lumix DMC-FS3 Panasonic Lumix DMC-FS3 Lumix DMC-LC20 Panasonic Lumix DMC-LC20 Lumix DMC-LS80 Panasonic Lumix DMC-LS80
Lumix DMC-LZ7 Panasonic Lumix DMC-LZ7 Lumix DMC-S3 Panasonic Lumix DMC-S3
Pentacon -
Prakti Pentacon Prakti
Reflex SLR
Contax D Pentacon Contax D
Pentax -
Efina Pentax Efina Espio 105 SW Date Pentax Espio 105 SW Date Espio 105 WR Pentax Espio 105 WR Espio 105G Pentax Espio 105G
Espio 105S Pentax Espio 105S Espio 110 Pentax Espio 110 Espio 115M Pentax Espio 115M Espio 115V Pentax Espio 115V
Espio 120 Pentax Espio 120 Espio 120 SW Pentax Espio 120 SW Espio 120 SW (date) Pentax Espio 120 SW Espio 125M Pentax Espio 125M
Espio 140V Pentax Espio 140V Espio 60S Pentax Espio 60S Espio 628 Pentax Espio 628 Espio 738G Pentax Espio 738G
Espio 738G Pentax Espio 738G Espio 80 Pentax Espio 80 Espio 80E Pentax Espio 80E Espio 80V Pentax Espio 80V
Espio 838G Pentax Espio 838G Espio 838S Pentax Espio 838S Espio 90MC Pentax Espio 90MC Espio 90MC Pentax Espio 90MC
Espio AF Zoom Pentax Espio AF Zoom IQ Zoom EZY Pentax IQ Zoom EZY IQZoom EZY-R Pentax IQZoom EZY-R Optio E40 Pentax Optio E40
Optio E70L Pentax Optio E70L Optio H90 Pentax Optio H90 PC-303 Pentax PC-303 PC-303S Pentax PC-303S
PC-333 Pentax PC-333 PC-505 Pentax PC-505 PC-55 Pentax PC-55 Zoom 105 Super Pentax Zoom 105 Super
Zoom 280-P Pentax Zoom 280-P Zoom 60-X Pentax Zoom 60-X
Reflex SLR
KM Pentax KM SL Pentax SL
Petri -
7 Half Petri 7 Half
Zoom 110 2S Petri Zoom 110 2S
Polaroid -
3000AF Polaroid 3000AF 3200AF Polaroid 3200AF
Big Swinger 3000 Polaroid Big Swinger 3000 I-Zone convertible Polaroid I-Zone convertible Instant 1000 DeLuxe Polaroid Instant 1000 DeLuxe
Premier -
M-959 Premier M-959 PC-90 Premier  PC-90
110T Premier 110T
Regula -
LKB Regula LKB Pacer 35K Regula Pacer 35K Sprinty BC Regula Sprinty BC
Ricoh -
35 EFL Ricoh 35 EFL 500 ZF Ricoh 500 ZF AF 60S Date Ricoh AF 60S Date AF-45 Ricoh AF-45
AF-5 Ricoh AF-5 AF-50 Ricoh AF-50 AF-500 Ricoh AF-500 AF-55 Ricoh AF-55
AF-60 Ricoh AF-60 AF-60D Ricoh AF-60D AF-80 Ricoh AF-80 F-35 Ricoh F-35
FF-10 Ricoh FF-10 FF-3 AF Ricoh FF-3 AF FF-3D AF Super Ricoh FF-3D AF Super FF-7 Ricoh FF-7
FF-70D Ricoh FF-70D FF-8 WR Date Ricoh FF-8 WR Date FF-8WR Ricoh FF-8WR FF-90 Super Ricoh FF-90 Super
FF700 Ricoh FF700 FZ-70 Ricoh FZ-70 Hi-Color 35S Ricoh  Hi-Color 35S my-1 Ricoh my-1
One Take AF Super Ricoh One Take AF Super One Take MiniZoom Ricoh One Take MiniZoom R-70Q Ricoh R-70Q R-ex 70z Ricoh R-ex 70z
RDC-300Z Ricoh RDC-300Z RT-550 D Ricoh RT-550 D RW-1 Ricoh RW-1 RZ-105 SF Date Ricoh RZ-105 SF Date
RZ-1100SF Ricoh RZ-1100SF RZ-115 Ricoh RZ-115 RZ-125 Ricoh RZ-125 RZ-140 Ricoh RZ-140
RZ-3000 Ricoh RZ-3000 RZ-3000 date Ricoh RZ-3000 date RZ-700s Date Ricoh RZ-700s Date RZ-728 Ricoh RZ-728
RZ-770 Date Ricoh RZ-770 Date Shotmaster 130 Super QD Ricoh Shotmaster 130 Super QD Shotmaster 130Z Ricoh Shotmaster 130Z Shotmaster AF Ricoh Shotmaster AF
Shotmaster AF Super Ricoh Shotmaster AF Super Shotmaster Dual Ricoh Shotmaster Dual Shotmaster Tru-Zoom Ricoh Shotmaster Tru-Zoom Shotmaster Ultra Dual Date Ricoh Shotmaster Ultra Dual Date
Shotmaster Ultra Zoom Ricoh Shotmaster Ultra Zoom Shotmaster Ultra Zoom II Ricoh Shotmaster Ultra Zoom II Shotmaster Ultra Zoom Super Ricoh Shotmaster Ultra Zoom Super Shotmaster Zoom 105 Plus Ricoh Shotmaster Zoom 105 Plus
Shotmaster Zoom 70 Date Ricoh Shotmaster Zoom 70 Date Shotmaster Zoom Date Ricoh Shotmaster Zoom Date Shotmaster Zoom III P Date Ricoh Shotmaster Zoom III P Date TF-500D Ricoh TF-500D
XF-30D Ricoh XF-30D XF-80 Ricoh XF-80 YF-10 Ricoh  YF-10 YF-20 Ricoh YF-20
YF-20D Ricoh YF-20D YF-20N Ricoh YF-20N
Reflex SLR
Mirai Ricoh Mirai TLS 401 Ricoh TLS 401
Rollei -
Giro 70WA Rollei Giro 70WA Prego 115 Rollei Prego 115 Prego Zoom Rollei Prego Zoom X125 Rollei X125
Samsung -
AF 400 Samsung AF 400 AF Zoom 777i Samsung AF Zoom 777i AF-Slim Samsung AF-Slim AF-Slim Zoom Samsung AF-Slim Zoom
AF-Slim.R Samsung AF-Slim.R Digimax S500 Samsung Digimax S500 Digimax S630 Samsung Digimax S630 Digimax V4000 Samsung Digimax V4000
ES25 Samsung ES25 Fino 1050S Samsung Fino 1050S Fino 40S Samsung Fino 40S Fino 80 Super Samsung Fino 80 Super
Fino120 Super Samsung Fino120 Super L100 Samsung L100 Maxima Zoom 125 Samsung Maxima Zoom 125 Maxima Zoom 130 GL Samsung Maxima Zoom 130 GL
Pronta 1200 Samsung Pronta 1200 Slim Zoom 145S Samsung Slim Zoom 145S Slim Zoom 290 WS Samsung Slim Zoom 290 WS Vega 140S Quartz Date Samsung Vega 140S Quartz Date
Vega 170 Samsung Vega 170 Vega 290W Samsung Vega 290W WP10 Samsung WP10 Zoom 115 Quartz Date (Platinum Series) Samsung Zoom 115 Quartz Date
Sanyo -
VPC-S1285 Sanyo VPC-S1285
Sea and Sea -
Motormarine 35 Sea and Sea Motormarine 35 MX-5 II Sea and Sea MX-5 II
Sigma -
Reflex SLR
SA-300 N Sigma SA-300 N
Skina -
SK-7000F Skina SK-7000F
Sony -
Cyber-shot DSC-S2000 Sony Cyber-shot DSC-S2000 Cyber-shot DSC-S730 Sony Cyber-shot DSC-S730 Cyber-shot DSC-W1 Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W1 Cyber-shot DSC-W530 Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W530
Sunpet Industries -
Okaido GX-800 Sunpet Industries Okaido GX-800 Sunpet Sunpet Industries Sunpet Sunpet Sunpet Industries Sunpet Sunpet Sunpet Industries Sunpet
Tougodo -
Meikai EL Tougodo Meikai EL
Vivitar -
Pocket 402 Vivitar Pocket 402 Pocket 830 AW Vivitar Pocket 830 AW
Voigtlander -
Vito CL Voigtlander Vito CL Vitomatic I Voigtlander Vitomatic I Vitoret (coins carrés) Voigtlander Vitoret
Yamato Koki Kogyo Co. -
Emitax Automatic Yamato Koki Kogyo Co. Emitax Automatic
Yashica -
35 MC Yashica 35 MC AF Motor II Yashica AF Motor II Half 17 Yashica Half 17 J Motor Yashica J Motor
Microtec Zoom Yashica Microtec Zoom Microtec Zoom 120 Yashica Microtec Zoom 120 Partner AF Yashica Partner AF Partner AF Yashica Partner AF
T2D Yashica T2D Zoomate 140 Yashica Zoomate 140 Zoomate 70Z Date Yashica Zoomate 70Z Date Zoomate 80 Yashica Zoomate 80
Y16 Yashica Y16
Reflex SLR
Samurai X 4.0 Yashica Samurai X 4.0
Yunon Optical -
Deluxe-I Yunon Optical Deluxe-I GMTEX GT-304 Yunon Optical GMTEX GT-304 Leo.35 Yunon Optical Leo.35 Penmax YN-3 Yunon Optical Penmax YN-3
YN 500 Yunon Optical YN 500 Yunon Super II Yunon Optical Yunon Super II
Zeiss Ikon -
Reflex SLR
Contaflex IV (10.1231) Zeiss Ikon Contaflex IV