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Herbert George Imperial Girl Scout
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Photos by Sylvain Halgand text by Sylvain Halgand. From the collection of Sylvain Halgand. Last update 2022-11-27 par Sylvain Halgand.

Manufactured or assembled in USA from (Circa) 1961 to (After) 1961.
Index of rarity in France: Rare (among non-specialized garage sales)
Inventory number: 1309

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Chronology of cameras Herbert George 

The company founded in 1945 by Herbert Weil and George Israel specialized in producing simple cameras designed for a youthful and fashionable clientele.

In addition to models bearing the names of various American Scout associations, they used themes from comic strips (Donald Duck) or youth-oriented movies (Roy Rogers), as well as current events that interested young people. References to space were recurrent, with "Mercury" being the name of the American space program launched in 1958, and the word "Satellite" appearing frequently. "Delta" is also the name of a rocket, while "Corvette" evokes speed and stylish cars.

Herbert George offered his cameras in very youthful and unusual colors (sometimes combined), which was unconventional in the world of photography. He optimized production by using a limited number of shapes, with some of these shapes sharing components such as the back and buttons.

The table below lists these shapes based on the cameras encountered so far.

In 1961, the company changed hands and was renamed Imperial, a name that often appeared on Herbert George models. The appearance of the Imperial logo indicates that the cameras were produced after 1961.

  Shape Flash Format Logo Imperial Colors Models

Shape 1
Classic box shape with a viewfinder on top. With or without double pin on top 620   Black, red button
Black cream
Black metal button
Adventurer 620
Imperial Six-Twenty
Imperial Herco
620 Official Cub Scout Camera
Official Girl Scout Camera
Roy Rogers

Shape 2
  Double pin on top 127   Dark grey/Light grey
Red /Red
Black/Dark grey
Boy Scout of America
Imperial Satellite 127
Official Girl Scout Camera
Satellite II
Mercury Satellite 127

Shape 3
This shape is likely extrapolated from shape 2. Bulb flash with integrated round reflector. 127 Yes Dark grey/Light grey
Dark grey/Dark grey
Imperial Lark

Shape 4
Asymmetrical shape. The viewfinder is located on the left (when facing the camera). Double pin near viewfinder 620   Black, cream button
Chocolate, cream button
Black, red button
Imperial Debonair
Official Cub Scout Camera
Tower Companion

Shape 5
Symmetrical shape. Shutter on the left, button on the right. Various designs between the viewfinder and the lens. Double pin on right side 620 Yes and No Cream, brown button
Turquoise, Dark blue button
Light grey, black button
Black, red button
Red, black button
Green, green button
Light green, green button
Imperial Girl Scout
Imperial Mark XII Flash
Official Girl Scout Camera

Shape 6
Forme 1 basculée à 90° /Rarely used shape.   620   Green Savoy Mark II

Shape 7
Rarely used shape. Double pin on top 127 Yes   Delta

Shape 8
Folding camera in the style of a "Klapp."       Black and lightgrey
Black and white

Shape 9
Pseudo TLR   620   Black and beige Imperial Reflex

Shape 10
    127 No Black Donald Duck
Happi Times

Shape 11
This shape is likely not due to HG. Flash Cube socket. 127 Yes   Imperial Cubex IV

Shape 12
This shape is likely not due to HG. Built-in electronic flash. 126     Permalite Electronique Flash

Shape 13
  Double pin on side 620 Yes and No Black
Black, red buttons
Tower Snappy

Shape 14
This shape is likely extrapolated from shape 2. Bulb flash with integrated rectangular reflector. 127     Imperial Mark 27

The brand appears to have produced cameras exclusively in the 620 and 127 formats. The introduction of a 126 format camera (Shape 12) in the lineup suggests that it was a product of subcontracted production, likely indicating a departure from their usual manufacturing focus.



Traduction de Sylvain Halgand

We already saw with Herbert George Girl Scout, that this camera corresponds to the vogue of the scout movement during the Fifties. When Herbert George became Imperial in 1961, the new range integrated a new camera to answer the always existing request.
This model uses the same case as Imperial Mark XII. There exists in several coloured versions, with different legends, or for Boy Scouts.

Herbert George Imperial Girl Scout


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