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Canon Bell & Howell Canonet 19
France Version française
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Manufactured or assembled in Japan from 1961 to (After) 1961.
Index of rarity in France: Infrequent (among non-specialized garage sales)
Inventory number: 10536

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Chronology of cameras Canon 

Traduction de Manuel M

This Canon is a telemetric 35mm 24x36. It is about of the first camera of the brand to take the name of Canonet. And even if the dealer Bell & Howell has rename it Canonet 19 for his needs, its name of series remains “Canonet”.
In the range of Canonet, the number will always correspond to the maximum aperture of the lens: here F 1.9.

This Canonet has a quality of manufacture and excellent completion.

It is about an automatic with priority speed, thanks to its cell with selenium around the lens (EE > Electric Eye), it is however disengageable manually.
Its lens (Canon SE f1.9 45mm) is of superb quality. It made its reputation of it. The viewfinder is framed for 45mm with auto correcting of parallax. The telemetric image is rectangular, dew, well contrasted and of big size. In the viewfinder, there is also the indication of the aperture, automatically. The mechanical exposure counter appears in a window beside the shutter release.

The cocking is fast thanks to the trigger located under the body.

Shutter COPAL-SV is planned for speeds of 1 second to the 1/500 second (+ B). Mechanical self-timer and synchros flash X and M.
Today still, this model without battery remains very attractive for the pleasure “of playing of the rangefinder” into silver photography. The quality of the negatives, is recognized like excellent.

Canon Bell & Howell Canonet 19