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Canon Ixus X-1
France Version française
Photos by JM text by JM. From the collection of JM. Last update 2024-01-03 par Sylvain Halgand.

Manufactured or assembled in Japan from 1999 to 2002.
Index of rarity in France: Infrequent (among non-specialized garage sales)
Inventory number: 3014

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Chronology of cameras Canon 

The Canon Ixus X-1 is an all-weather APS camera, waterproof up to 5 meters, and is solidly and seriously built. Released in November 1999, it was then the smallest and lightest waterproof camera on the market. With its film and battery, it had the unique feature of floating (and thus resurfacing if the diver happened to let it go).

The autofocus it is equipped with does not work underwater, so two specific modes were available: one ensuring proper focus underwater between 90 cm and 3 meters, and the other, underwater macro, offering a focus covering 45-90 cm. The large, clear Albada viewfinder remained wide open regardless of the APS image format (C, P, and H), but a rotating transparent disc provided a very bright collimated mask suitable for each image format.

The camera's sole is dual-layered: an outer sole, equipped with O-ring seals, provides access to the camera itself and the doors for the battery and film, as well as six small contacts useful for usual APS functions and rewinding. As with most APS cameras, rewinding during exposure was possible with the film recording the retraction position.

On the back, you'll find:
- the general rotary power button, the choice of focus (normal/macro), and the use or non-use of the flash;
- a dial to choose the print format;
- below the viewfinder, an LCD panel, doubly protected by probably synthetic glass. The built-in electronic flash is of low power, certainly sufficient for underwater subjects located within 3 meters.

On the top: the shutter release under the right-hand index finger and the timer release on the left.

If there were any doubt, this camera attests to the care Canon put into manufacturing its cameras, even relatively modest ones.

In the North American market, it was named Canon Elph Sport.


A small green padded nylon case, likely designed to withstand immersion or at the very least moisture, was included as standard.

Canon Ixus X-1

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