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Chinon CX
France Version française
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Manufactured or assembled in Japan from 1974 to (After) 1974.
Index of rarity in France: Infrequent (among non-specialized garage sales)
Inventory number: 10585

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Chronology of cameras Chinon 

Released in 1974, the Chinon CX is an evolution of the CM. It uses 42mm screw mount lenses.

This camera is made of brass, angular, massive, and heavy. It seems indestructible! The most common finish is black paint, but there are also "chromed" models. The TTL meter is activated by operating a lever on the side of the lens mount plate. If the lens aperture is set to "manual," activating the meter also closes the aperture, allowing you to "read" the depth of field. If this is not done manually, the meter disengages automatically when the shutter is released. On the CX II, this system is replaced by a switch integrated with a shutter lock.

Focusing is done on a matte screen without a split-image rangefinder, which "blurs" when the distance is not correctly set.

This camera is equipped with an LED battery tester, a 10-second self-timer, a multiple exposure lever, and a flash shoe synchronized at 1/60th of a second. Two external flash sync sockets are also available.
It's worth noting that it is very battery-efficient; it is not uncommon to find functional units still equipped with a PX625 mercury battery (batteries banned for decades!).

The CX was generally sold with an excellent sharp 1.7/55 mm lens, but with noticeable vignetting at large apertures. In the USA, it was marketed by Argus under the name CR-2, and by General Aniline & Film (formerly Ansco) under the name L-CX.

Chinon CX


In France, Chinon SLR cameras are less known and less common than those of other Japanese brands. This might be due to the brand's late arrival in the market and a delay in gaining recognition. However, Chinon regularly released new models from the early 70s until the late 80s, with a very good level of quality, ensuring full compatibility with M42 and later K mount lenses, at a very attractive price.

    Years Lens Mount Exposure

Chinonflex TTL c. 1969 M42 Semi-automatic
M-1   c. 1974 Semi-automatic
CE Memotron   1974 Aperture priority exposure
CX 1974 Semi-automatic
CE-II Memotron 1976 Aperture priority exposure
CXII 1976 Semi-automatic
CM-3 1977
CS c. 1978
CE-3 Memotron   1978 Aperture priority exposure
CE-4 1979 K
SLR   c. 1979 M42 Semi-automatic
CM-4 1981 K
CS-4   1981 M42
CM-4s 1981 K
CA-4   1980 Aperture priority exposure
CE-4s 1981
CE-5 1982
CG-5   c. 1982
CM-5   c. 1982 Semi-automatic
CP-5s   c. 1984 Aperture priority exposure
DP-5   c. 1984
CP-5 1986
CP-6   c. 1986
CP-X   c. 1986
CP-7M 1986
CM-7   c.1988 Double
CP-9 AF 1988 C-AF
(compatible K)
Aperture priority exposure

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