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Chinon CX
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Manufactured or assembled in Japan from 1974 to (After) 1974.
Index of rarity in France: Infrequent (among non-specialized garage sales)
Inventory number: 10585

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Chronology of cameras Chinon 

Traduction de P-Y Petit.

Launched in 1974, the CX is an upgrade of the CM. It uses 42mm thread mount lenses.


It is a rugged, massive brass camera. It feels indestructible! The most common finish is the black paint one, but a chrome finish exists. The TTL light meter is turned on by pushing a button located on the side of the lens mount. If the lens’ diaphragm is set on “manual”, pushing this button will also close the diaphragm, allowing the user to “read” the depth-of-field.

Even if one doesn’t turn off the meter, it turns off automatically when the shutter is released. On the following CX II, this system will be replaced by a switch integrated to the shutter release.

Focusing is done on a micro prism focusing screen, without a split-image rangefinder. This camera also features a LED battery check, a 10-second self timer, a double exposure lever and a hot shoe with 1/60th flash synch. Two external flash synch plugs are also available.

This camera doesn’t drain the batteries at all: it is not uncommon to find working cameras with a PX625 mercury battery (forbidden more than 15 years ago!).


The CX was usually sold with a very sharp 55mm f1.7, but its vignetting is quite high at largest apertures.

In the USA, it was sold by Argus with the name CR-2 and by General Aniline & Film (formerly Ansco) under the name L-CX.

Chinon CX