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Canon Sure Shot Z155
France Version française
Photos by Howard Patterson text by Howard Patterson. From the collection of Howard Patterson. Last update 2024-05-31 par Sylvain Halgand.

Manufactured or assembled in Taiwan from 2002 to (After) 2002.
Index of rarity in France: Rare (among non-specialized garage sales)
Inventory number: 5500

See the complete technical specifications

Chronology of cameras Canon 

The Prima series was Canon's line of consumer compact cameras for nearly 20 years. Although the first model to bear the Prima name was the Prima Tele in 1988, the Top Shot in 1986 already foreshadowed the series. In fact, its American name is SureShot Supreme, with SureShot being the American equivalent of Prima.
These cameras are all easy to use (point and shoot), generally inexpensive. They are mostly made of plastic, with manufacturing often outsourced to China.

    Year Japonese name   American name  

Top Shot 1986 Autoboy 3   Sure Shot Supreme
Prima Tele   1988 Autoboy Tele 6   Sure Shot Multi Tele
Prima Zoom Autoboy Zoom Sure Shot Zoom  
Prima Junior CB35   Snappy EZ
Prima Shot Autoboy Prisma   Sure Shot Ace  
Prima 4 Autoboy Lite 2   Sure Shot Joy
  Sure Shot EX
Prima Zoom F 1989 Autoboy Zoom Super   Sure Shot Zoom XL
    New Autoboy   Sure Shot Caption Zoom  
Prima Auto Zoom     Sure Shot Zoom S  
Prima Junior Hi     Snappy V  
Prima Twin 1990 Autoboy WT28   New Sure Shot  
Prima Zoom 105 1991 Autoboy Zoom 105   Sure Shot Mega Zoom 105
Prima Zoom 76 Autoboy Zoom 76   Sure Shot Mega Zoom 76
Prima Twin S Autoboy Mini T   Sure Shot Tele Max
Prima 5 Autoboy Mini   Sure Shot Max  
Prima BF 1992 BF35   Snappy LX  
Prima Zoom Mini Autoboy A   Sure Shot Zoom Max  
Prima Junior S CB35M   Snappy EL  
Prima Junior EX   1993     Snappy CX  
Prima Super 115 Autoboy S Sure Shot Z115  
Prima Mini Autoboy F   Sure Shot M  
Prima Super 85 1994 Autoboy J   Sure Shot Z85
Prima AF-7     Sure Shot Owl
Prima AS-1 Autoboy D5   Sure Shot WP-1
Prima Super 28V Autoboy Luna      
Prima BF-7 BF35 QDN   Snappy LX  
Prima Sol 1995 Autoboy SE   Sure Shot Del Sol
Prima Zoom Shot Autoboy Juno   Sure Shot 60 Zoom
Prima Junior DX CB32 QD   New Snappy EL  
Prima Junior AF       AF32  
Prima Super 28     Sure Shot Z70 W
Prima Zoom 70F Autoboy Luna 35   Sure Shot 70 Zoom  
Prima BF Twin Autoboy BF80   Sure Shot 80 Tele
Prima Super 135 1996 Autoboy S II   Sure Shot Z135  
Prima Mini II Autoboy F XL   Sure Shot Sleek
Prima AF-8 1997     Sure Shot AF-7
Prima BF-80     Snappy QT
Prima BF-90
Prima Super 105 Autoboy Luna 105   Sure Shot 105 Zoom
Prima BF-8 1998 BF35D   Snappy LXII  
Prima Zoom 85 Autoboy Luna 85   Shure Shot Zoom 85
Prima Zoom 85N  
    1999 Autoboy Luna XL      
Prima Super 28N          
Prima Super 115N   Autoboy S XL   Sure Shot Z115 Panorama Caption  
Prima Super 135N Autoboy SII XL   Sure Shot Z135 Caption  
Prima Super 120 Autoboy 120   Sure Shot Classic 120
Prima Zoom 76 2000 Autoboy Juno 76   Sure Shot 76 Zoom
Prima Super 90 Wide Autoboy EPO   Sure Shot Z90W
Prima AF-9 S     Sure Shot AF-7s
Prima BF-9S     Sure Shot BF  
Prima Zoom 65 2001     Sure Shot 65 Zoom
Prima Super 105 X Autoboy Luna 105 S   Sure Shot 105 Zoom S  
Prima Zoom 60          
Prima Super 155 2002 Autoboy 155   Sure Shot Z155
Prima Super 130 Autoboy N130   Sure Shot 130u
    Prima BF-800    
    Prima BF-800 Zoom    
Prima Super 115u 2003 Autoboy N115   Sure Shot 115u
Prima Super 105u   Autoboy N105   Sure Shot 105u
Prima Zoom 80u Autoboy N80   Sure Shot 80u
Prima BF-10     Sure Shot BF-10  
Prima Zoom 90u     Sure Shot 90u
Prima AF-10     Sure Shot AF-10  
Prima Super 150u   2004 Autoboy N150 Sure Shot 150u  
Prima Super 180   Autoboy 180   Sure Shot Z180u  
Prima Super 130u Date 2005 Autoboy N130 II   Sure Shot 130u II Date  
Prima Zoom 115u II Date     Sure Shot 115u II Date  
Prima Zoom 90u II Date     Sure Shot 90u II Date  


Presented by Canon as the smallest compact zoom in its category, the Sure Shot Z155 is a high-performance camera equipped with a 37-155mm zoom lens.

It offers several shooting modes: Macro, Portrait, Fast Subject, Slow Sync.

Furthermore, it is equipped with the AIAF system (Artificial Intelligence Auto Focus), enabling fast and precise focusing in all conditions.

The viewfinder is equipped with a diopter correction, ideal for glasses wearers.

Canon Sure Shot Z155

Canon Sure Shot Z155

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